The Imperial Ministeria, individually known as a Ministerium, are executive-level divisions of the Imperial Government that oversee portions of the Imperial bureaucracy. They are among the oldest institutions of Imperial rule, second only to the Emperor. A head of a Ministerium is known as a Praeministrum, a term roughly equivalent to Prime Minister. Praeministra are not required to be Senators by profession, but tradition dictates they are, and it is rare for a Praeministrum to not be a Senator.

Ministeria of Eurasia
Ministry of Diplomacy - Ministry of the Tribunate - Ministry of the Treasury
Ministry of Imperial Security - Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of War - Ministry of Energy - Ministry of Civil Defense
Ministry of Justice - Ministry of the Police - Ministry of Imperial Relations
Ministry of Transportation - Ministry of Education - Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Health - Ministry of Housing - Ministry of Agriculture

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