Coat aloia

Coat of arms of the government of the Kingdom of Aloia

The Ministries of Her Majesty's Government, commonly referred to as the Ministries of Aloia, are specialized organizations responsible for a sector of government public administration in the Government of Aloia. Each ministry is led by a minister, appointed by the Chancellor of Aloia

All of the ministries have their main offices at the Carisbrooke Palace complex in Zumbrota

Ministry Office Incumbent Image
Vice Chancellor Sebastian Gill
Ministry of Agriculture Minister of Agriculture Tiffany Poet
Ministry of Culture Minister of Culture Jacqueline Cole
Ministry of Defense Minister of Defense Jeff Olofson
Ministry of Education Minister of Education Carl Werner
Ministry of Energy and Commerce Minister of Energy and Commerce Dennis Friedrichs
Ministry of the Environment Minister of the Environment Lisa Gibson
Ministry of Finance Minister of Finance Susan Dinkel
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Foreign Minister Ward Cassidy
Ministry of Health Minister of Health Steve Jenkins
Ministry of the Interior Minister of the Interior Dave Morrow
Ministry of Justice Attorney General Brenda Day
Ministry of Transportation Minister of Transportation Nicholas O'Loughlin