Ministerium of Civil Defense
Ministerium Defensionis Civilis


96 BCE

Preceding Ministerium



Augustinian Building




Publius Decius Subulo

The Ministerium of Civil Defense (Eurasia: Ministerium Defensionis Civilis) is a Ministerium of the Government of Eurasia. It is responsible for the civil defense of Eurasia, tasking it to maintain civil cohesion in emergencies, render disaster relief, and initiate evacuations and rescues. It is an ancient ministerium, founded effectively in 96 BCE, though then as the fire service of Julium. It expanded from there and eventually became the entity it is today.

The Ministerium often coordinates with the Ministeria of the Police and Defense. The Ministerium came under criticism during the Ausona Flu Pandemic, when it was alleged that minorities were ignored in evacuations whilst Eurasians, Arveyrans, Duresians, and others were prioritized.

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