Ministerium of Diplomacy
Ministerium Consilii


100 BCE

Preceding Ministerium



Tacitus Complius Publicius Building




Lucius Tractus Margalus

The Ministerium of Diplomacy (Eurasian: Ministerium Consilii) is the sole foreign department of the Government of Eurasia, tasked with representing Eurasia abroad. It is headed by the Praeministrum of Diplomacy, Lucius Tractus Margalus, and is headquartered in Julium in the Tacitus Complius Publicius Building.

The Ministerium is perhaps the oldest in Eurasia, due mainly to even the Laurentine Republic's need for diplomats. It is thus nearly impossible to determine when it first came into existence. It certainly existed by the Writs of the Setertiamillenniary.

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