Ministerium of Education
Ministerium Doctrinae


1901 BCE

Preceding Ministerium



Minerva Optima Laurena Building




Sextus Julius Frontius

The Ministry of Education (Eurasian: Ministerium Doctrinae) is a Ministry of Eurasia which oversees the teaching policies of the Empire itself. It is one of few non-military ministries to not devolve itself into subordinate, provinicialized bureaus and councils, instead choosing to maintain a national, unified force to enact standards and guidelines for the innumerable schools and academies throughout the Empire.

Policies enacted by the Ministry do permit the establishment of private, non-state-inspected schools, however the Ministry unilaterally denies funding to these schools and enacts stringent accreditation requirements, as well as forcing parents prospecting to send their children to such institutions to sign waivers acknowledging that the education provided therein might be inferior to a state funded education. The Ministry also maintains the Bureau of Tutelage, which is wholly independent and autonomous from the Ministry itself and serves to train and provide tutors to the wealthy and well-to-do amidst Eurasian society.

The Ministry has come under heavy criticism recently following accusations that it purposefully underfunded schools in poorer, minority neighborhoods, which was denied vehemently. It has also been alleged that the Ministry intentionally denies accreditation to Christian and Islamic schools, despite their fitting the requirements set forth by the Ministry thereof. In response to these allegations, the Ministry unilaterally revoked the charters of all Catholic Christian seminaries and schools in the entire Empire, and to date only one-third have been reinstated.

The Ministry also maintains a policy known as "Native Advancement" (Eurasian: Adscensus Nativus) which is designed to select native Eurasian students for priority placement in tertiary and quaternary education facilities run by the state. This system has been heavily criticized and defamed, as the end result is that it prioritizes the admission of non-Abrahamic, native Eurasians and Arveyrans over virtually all other races and religions. In 2001, in response to this criticism, the Ministry lessened its restrictions to also include Duresians in the Native Advancement scheme. However, the percentage of minority college students is extremely low, even by Eurasian standards, sitting at a mere 0.5% of all college students being minorities when Eurasian demographics suggest that as many as 10% of residents of the Empire are minorities.

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