Ministerium of Justice
Ministerium Iuditii


05 ECE

Preceding Ministerium



Tacitus Building




Quintus Baebius Tamphilus

The Ministry of Justice (Eurasian: Ministerium Iuditii) is the governing body that regulates the inferior courts of Eurasia. It is the only ministry to function independently of the Emperor of Eurasia, and is effectively autonomous, though in reality the Emperor does exert a degree of influence over the Justice Ministry, as with all ministries. The Ministry is also responsible for arguing the position of the state whenever it must appear before the Supreme Tribunal of Eurasia.

The ministry is also responsible for providing prosecution as regards the state through its devolved provincial bureaus, but has suffered in the past from accusations of preference towards native Eurasians, Arveyrans, and Duresians at the expense of ethnic and religious minorities.

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