Ministerium of the Environment
Ministerium Circumiecti


1674 ECE

Preceding Ministerium



Claudia Juliana Building




Publius Candidus Crassus

The Ministry of the Environment (Eurasian: Ministerium Circumiecti) is the environmental department of the Government of Eurasia, tasked with protecting the natural ecosystems of the Empire of Eurasia.

The Ministry controls numerous agencies designed to keep environmental standards withing good bearings, including the Air Purity Bureau, the Council for Environmental Quality, and the Water Supply Bureau. The Ministry is also charged with ensuring the quality and maintenance of the vast aqueduct systems of the Empire, which supply immeasurable quantities of water to the Eurasian people.

Ministry of Diplomacy - Ministry of the Tribunate - Ministry of the Treasury
Ministry of Imperial Security - Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of War - Ministry of Energy - Ministry of Civil Defense
Ministry of Justice - Ministry of the Police - Ministry of Imperial Relations
Ministry of Transportation - Ministry of Education - Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Health - Ministry of Housing - Ministry of Agriculture

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