Ministerium of the Tribunate
Ministerium Tribuni


95 BCE

Preceding Ministerium



House of the Senate




Alfius Avitus Rubalca

The Ministerium of the Tribunate (Eurasian Ministerium Tribuni) is the oldest Ministerium in the Government of Eurasia. The original date of its foundation is unknown, but its origin lies in the Laurentine Republic, following a series of wars between the plebeians and the patricians. The tribunate is occupied by the Tribune of Eurasia, who is the Tribunus plebis, or "tribune of the people." A tribune may veto legislation passed by the Senate unilaterally, and may effectively single-handedly block legislation.

A tribune is elected in an empire-wide election, one of the few public officials who is. A tribune may not have previously served in any other elected office above prefecturial, and may not currently hold elected office. A tribune may veto legislation by saying "sisto activitatem" during a vote, Eurasian for "I stop the activity", or simply saying ego veto, or "I veto." If this is done, the current activity in the Senate is halted, and whatever legislation is being considered is defeated. However, should the Senate choose to revote on the matter with the tribune being not present, even after a previous veto, the legislation may pass.


Current Tribune, Alfius Avitus Rubalca

Tribunes do not vote generally on legislation, and when their name is called, traditionally at the beginning of a vote, they may either say "ego non obicio", or "I do not oppose", or "ego recuso dicere", literally "I decline to speak". The tribunes also do not typically ally with any party, and vote based on the results of plebiscites and referenda. Typically, however, the ruling party works with the tribune to develop legislation.

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