Miris Afkedirti Kulujiored

4th Speaker of Kaevi

Official portrait

In office

5 Nivus 2001 - 5 Nivus 2017

Preceded by

Naskerdioj Kidoti Dukroil

Succeeded by

Yistu Kedodari Sairemontevu


Communist Liberation Party


5 Fructidus 1973


Seprastitosio, Keivasehum, Progress Prefecture


Vereskada S. Disjonilwe (1994-2003)




KNI Seprastitosio (L-1 & 2 Social Work), NLI (L3- National Law w/ Public Law specialty)



Miris Afkedirti Kulujiored was born on Fructidus 5, 1973, in the town of Seprastitosio on the island of Keivasehum. She served as the fourth Speaker of Kaevi and the current Secretary of the People's State.

She was elected by the National Assembly to succeed Naskerdioj Kidoti Dukroil after being selected by the Communist Liberation Party to serve as the ideal citizen. Kulujiored came to power in a time when many Kaevise were beginning to lose faith in the government after information was unearthed that her predecessor and CLP leaders were involved in what was considered scandalous behavior and a series of judicial appointments that were not popular with the people. Maintaining security and stability in Kaevi during frequent rumblings of protest is considered to be her lasting legacy.

Born to lower-class parents who moved from Novefronkaim in the early 1970s, Kulujiored and her sister, Gofrinil, developed a possion to serve the needy. Earning degrees in Seprastitosio in social work allowed Kulujiored to help those dealing with difficult life situations around the nation. In 1997, she was launched into the national spotlight after being selected to earn the prestigious Public Service Award, the highest honor that can be bestowed for public service. Catching the attention on the CLP Central Committee, Kulujiored was selected to be groomed into Kaevi's future leader.

Early Life

Kulujiored is the older twin of a set of paternal twins. Her parents worked as relief managers for a number of grocery stores in Seprastitosio, but her mother mostly stayed at home to care for the children until they were eligible to begin school. At age seven she began attending Seprastitosio East General School.