Great Nacosta Nation






- Bear
- Eagle
- Elk
- Otter
- Snake

High Chieftain

George Ironeyes

The Nacosta or Great Nacosta Nation are the indigenous people of Anacostia, a large island in the Kingdom of Aloia. In the centuries since Aloian colonization began in Anacosta, the numbers of Nacosta have fallen from an estimated pre-colonization high of 5,000,000 to a current 200,000. The massive population decline has been blamed on Aloian colonists accidentally bringing diseases to the island to which the natives had no natural resistance.

Nacosta traditional beliefs and customs were an early target of Aloian settlers, with multiple generations of Nacosta children being taken away to be raised according to Aloian traditions. The result of this program was that Nacosta traditional religions were totally wiped out by the end of the 19th century. In 1987, the Aloian government issued an official apology to the Nacosta for this program and has since initiated programs in Anacostian schools to teach traditional Nacosta languages and customs. 

The Nacosta were historically divided into seven clans:

  • Bear Clan
  • Beaver Clan
  • Crow Clan
  • Eagle Clan
  • Elk Clan
  • Otter Clan
  • Snake Clan

The Bears traditionally lived in the north and east, the Elks in the west, the Eagles in the southwest, the Otters in the south, the Snakes in the central highlands, the Beavers in the east, and the Crows in the central grasslands. Today, the Crows and Beavers have been wiped out or assimilated into the other clans and Snake Clan only has around 50 members left alive. The Bears historically were the largest clan, and they continue to make up the majority of the population of remaining Nacosta.