Most countries of the world have different names in different languages. Some countries have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This article attempts to give all known alternative names for all nations, countries and sovereign states. Countries are listed alphabetically by their current best-known name in English.

Please format entries as follows: for languages written in the Latin alphabet, write "Name (language)", for example, "Arvera (Arveyran)", and add it to the list according to English rules of alphabetical order. For languages written in other writing systems, write "Romanization - native script (language)", and alphabetize it in the list by the romanized form.

English Other name(s)
Aloia Halaia (Eurasian), Alia (Ascanian) Aloie (French), Halla (Arveyran), Halle (French), Henejaevi (Kae)
Antanares Antanara (Arveyran, Ascanian), Antanares (French), Antaresaevi (Kae), Illacrum (Eurasian)
Arveyres Anavera (Ascanian), Arfaevi (Kae), Arvèiras (Basque), Arvera (Arveyran, Eurasian), Arvería (Spanish), Arwera (High Lyrian), Arveyres (French)
British Free State Britania (Arveyran), Britannia (Eurasian)
Duresia Ascania (Arveyran, Eurasian), Ascanie (French), Dourésie (French), Duresaevi (Kae), Duresia (Eurasian). Germania (Eurasian)
Eurasia Anaresia (Ascanian), Eurasia (Arveyran, Eurasian), Eurasie (French), Erazien (High Lyrian) Lurasaevi (Kae), Raetia (Eurasian)
Fencai Fenicca (Ascanian), Phoencia (Eurasian)
Hunhewuguo Lusitania (Arveyran, Eurasian)
Indarside Thysdrusia (Eurasian)
Ivania Ivanaevi (Kae), Ivania (Arveyran), Ivanie (French), Ruthenia (Eurasian)
Kaevi Cevia (Ascanian), Evia (Arveyran), Kaëves (French), Kaevi (Kae), Kewer (High Lyrian), Quevinia (Eurasian)
Lonbonia Lonbonaevi (Kaevi), Selonbria (Arveyran), Selymbria (Eurasian)
Marquette Marquette (French), Maruecca (Arveyran), Mons Sancta (Eurasian)
Matanya Tarentum (Eurasian)
New Zealand Hibernia (Eurasian), Nea Celanda (Ascanian), Nouvelle-Zélande (French), Oteroa (Arveyran), Ulol Zaevi (Kae)
New Tarajan Nea Tarana (Ascanian), Nova Trajenum (Eurasian), Nouveau-Tarajan (French), Ulol Tarayaevi (Kae), Ultaraha (Arveyran)
Texania Asturica (Eurasian)
Uckustinia Orolaunum (Eurasian), Ukostaevi (Kae)
Verboria Verboria (Arveyran, Eurasian)
Zackalantis Cacalanta (Ascanian), Sacorolante (French), Sacorléans (French), Saquelantia (Eurasian), Zakalaevi (Kae)

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