1874 CE


Liberation Prefecture, Kaevi




131 km2



The city of Narasti, or Narastio, is the capital city of Kaevi and located on the island of Tinhopol. The name "Narasti" derives from a local dialect that altered the North Tribe characters of "nas" (meaning "death") and "ti" (meaning "electricity") to mean "death by electricity." Lore tells that the name was coined after a particularly fierce storm brought lightning that struck and killed numerous villagers in the area. In 1874 CE, Narasti was granted the official status of a city.

The city itself is situated in a shallow valley that gradually transitions into coastal plains. Until its conversion to a military outpost in 1915, Narasti was largely agriculture-based and a transit point from the now-abandoned mining operations in the nearby mountains. [insert more history]

Today, Narasti maintains its small, community-centered atmosphere and the government is, by far, the dominant employer in the city. The Narasti Law Institute, Kaevi's only government-approved law school, also calls Narasti home. Regarded as the regional leader in environmental and international law, the Narasti Law Institute attracts numerous international students and the brightest minds in Kaevi.

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