Narasti Law Institute
Leĝlernejo de Narastio
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"Justeco kaj Saĝeco"
("Justice and Wisdom")


1983 CE


Titinseta Demselsen Favrasei

Academic staff





Narasti, Liberation Prefecture


Urban, 111 acres
Rural, 15 acres

The Narasti Law Institute (Esperanto: Leĝlernejo de Narastio) is the sole institution of law in Kaevi.

NLI was founded in 1983 by Titinseta Demselsen Favrasei, a member of the prominent Favrasei family with a charter from the national government. She was chosen by the National Assembly to be the institute's first rector and remains in the position to this day.

The urban campus is located in the western portion of Narasti, a largely residential area with small parks. Other holdings, such as the Center of Free Law, a number of first-year classes, and a dormitory are located on the island of Obasehin. The urban campus is 111 acres, the smallest learning institution in Kaevi.


The Law Institute offers the level three (L3) degree in national law required for admission into any of the bar associations in Kaevi. Also offered is a level two (L2) degree designed for individuals in non-law professions who feel they need a better background in law.

All classes are offered in both Kae and Esperanto, but the Esperanto variants are becoming increasingly more popular as more international students and students who graduated secondary school in the 2000s to 2010s are entering post-secondary education.

Admissions are highly selective and the amount of available seats per class varies widely based on the demand for lawyers.

Law specialties

Students are guaranteed an opportunity to participate in at least one of the school's six law specialties.

  • Public law
  • Criminal law
  • Environmental law
  • International law
  • Planning law
  • Healthcare law
    NLI biru

    Front on the urban campus


Since its founding in 2000, the Law Institute has maintained three journals of law. Approximately 70% of students graduate with journal experience.

  • Kaevi Law Review
  • International Law Review
  • Journal of Free Law

Employment and certification

According to Narasti's official 2015 required disclosures, 100% of the Class of 2014 obtained full-time, long-term, L3-required employment nine months after graduation.

Certification Percentage
Certified National Law Expert 80%
Lisoone Professional of Law 11%
Public Law Professional 9%

Notable alumni