Naskerdioj Kidoti Dukroil

3rd Speaker of Kaevi

Dukroil in 2015

In office

5 Nivus 1997 - 5 Nivus 2001

Preceded by

Yaemanreh Sismareel Favrasei

Succeeded by

Miris Afkedirti Kulujiored


Communist Liberation Party (1992-2002)


1 Prairius 1947


Oidbaj, Sanwelsoon, Unity Prefecture


Fafalil A. Bajindo (1979-1985)
Kiresofavil U. Uristarti (1984-1998)
Disofel N. Monkaimpre (1985-1999)
Jeilrampil H. Vovsoil (1991-2008; 2011-present)
various others


Fafalilosk (f), Bedokimpanil (f), Redimtil (m), Olistonwe (m)


KNI Seprastitosio (L-1 Finance), NLI (L3- National Law w/ Healthcare Law specialty)



Naskerdioj Kidoti Dukroil was born on Prairius 1, 1947, in the town of Oidbaj on the island of Sanwelsoon. He served as the third Speaker of Kaevi and currently works as the chief administrator for a number of hospitals in Lisoone.

Political career

Being a member of the ex-royal house of the Sanwelsoon area, the Communist Liberation Party (CLP) suggested that Dukroil run for a position in the National Assembly of Kaevi in the 1993 elections. The idea was that him being elected would pacify some of the discontent in the area that the government was oppressing the Astoka ethnic minority group. His campaign for the seat in northwestern Sanwelsoon was highly successful, so much that the incumbent National Assembly member Dukroil chose to run against announced his retirement not long before the elections. Dukroil won the seat by default in the election and made economic reform one of his key priorities.

In the National Assembly, Dukroil's infectious personality quickly gained him a number of allies in the legislature. Also captivating viewers on televised interviews ad being considered somewhat of a ladies' man, some floated the idea to him of becoming the new Speaker to increase the public's support for the government. However, the CLP politburo was not keen on the idea initially and had planned to reelect the incumbent Favrasei, who was also the party leader. As support for Dukroil grew and Favrasei continued to block measures that would elevate Dukroil to the Speakership, the politburo felt there was no other choice but to choose a new party leader. Two months before to the 1996 elections, a new party leader was chosen who was pro-Dukroil.

Angered, Favrasei and co. hired actors to accuse Dukroil of accepting bribes, sexual abuse, and leaking government intelligence in order to tarnish his reputation. Dukroil's electorate largely dismissed the claims as being lies and when one of the actors came forward with the plot, Favrasei had allegedly fled to the wilderness of Hoskodosil. Dukroil was later reelected to his position in a landslide victory and was appointed as Speaker when the new government's term began.

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