National Assembly Building
Konstruaĵo de la Nacia Asembleo
Na buil
View from the Liberty Garden

Architectural Style

Middle Pokotil


Narasti, Liberation Prefecture



Construction period

1681-1693 CE
1977-1979 CE (reconstruction)


Communist Liberation Party (reconstruction)

Technical Details

2 floors
4,000 sq ft



Open to public

Yes; every Mon., Tue., and Sat.

The National Assembly Building (Esperanto: Konstruaĵo de la Nacia Asembleo) serves as the primary meeting place for the National Assembly of Kaevi. It is located at 1 Liberation Circle, Narasti. The structure was first built in 1693 CE as a monastery, but was destroyed during The Abstract Times in 1937. In 1979, reconstruction was completed and the National Assembly began meeting at the location in 1980.

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