National Court Building
Konstruaĵo de la Nacia Juĝejo
Nc buil
View from the Liberty Garden

Architectural Style

Middle Pokotil


Narasti, Liberation Prefecture



Construction period

1644-1650 CE



Technical Details

2 floors
2,100 sq ft



Open to public

Yes; every Wed., Thu., and Sun.

The National Court Building (Esperanto: Konstruaĵo de la Nacia Juĝejo) serves as the primary meeting place for the National Court of Kaevi. It is located at 2 Liberation Circle, Narasti. The structure was built in 1650 CE as a temple, but was abandoned sometime in the 1940s. In 1967, the structure was refreshed and converted into a museum. However, the National Court moved to the location in 1981 in order to be closer to the National Assembly of Kaevi.

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