Naveen Garagen
President Garagen in 2016


3 October 2014 - present


2 May 1984 - present


Rt Hon. Andrew Little (Labour Party)




Elaena Valentina da Vergara


Aaron Garagen


Rhona Garagen, née Kaur




Political party


Naveen Garagen was born on May 2, 1984, in Zackalantis and moved to New-Zealand at age two. He grew up in the suburbs of the economic hub of Milton and was educated at the prestigious Milton Grammar School. He went on to briefly study in Julium attempting Medicine before dropping out after 2 years to return to Milton and instead complete a double degree of Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Intensive Life Support (ILS), and a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Forensics, at Milton State University.

Using these degrees he served in the police force as a police medic and forensics analyst. He dabbled in politics during employment and became the NZFirst spokesperson for Law & Order shortly thereafter. He did this job part time and continued employment with the New-Zealand Police Force (Mayview Division) until he became the leader of the NZFirst party in the term leading up to the 2014 General Election and took a leave of employment from the NZPF during the final year of his election campaign. He was most noted for his actions in the 2012 State Highway Attacks which killed 124, where he earned a Valiant Heart medal for his brave actions as a police medic, which saw him and his team enter the Mayview Grand Tunnel (which was in fear of collapsing and ultimately did) and rescuing numerous civilians who were injured or unconscious and unable to escape.

He won the election on the back of the middle class with his populist policies appealing directly to the average kiwi. Following the terror attacks there was strong public outcry to once again restore the NZDF to its historical strength and put an end to open immigration, replacing it with an extremely stringent system instead. These formed the backbone of Garagens "NZ, now and forever" election campaign that focused on a strong enduring social democracy that would remain one of the worlds most powerful nations for centuries to come. Garagen currently stands as one of the most loved Presidents of recent history with the public truly in love with his captivating oration, strong patriotism and general truthful governance.

Garagen is a man that went into office to make NZ a better place and holds the kiwi populace close to heart, of that there is no question. However Naveen Garagen is no diplomat, nor is he a skilled ruler, many critics have labelled him naive, brash and confrontation as a result of his "no bullshit" attitude to governance. There is no doubt that he approaches governance similar to how he served as a medic, deals well in emergencies and get's the job done efficiently and effectively, no beating around the bush at all. Perhaps it is this that has made him highly appealing to the general populace, but experts have labelled his lack of "gentlemanly charm and diplomacy" as being his ultimate failing. At the end of the day the people love him and will keep voting for him, so regardless of what experts feel, odds are he'll go on to be one of the longest serving presidents in kiwi history.


As for his personal life, Naveen Garagen came from a highly educated background, with parents that worked middle class jobs. Garagen is the only child of Aaron and Rhona Garagen from the UKZ. Though they are a tight knit family, Garagen holds minimal ties with his extended family for reasons unknown. Throughout childhood there was a strong focus on education, as is typical with the Zack people, and this is possibly what drove the talented young man to attempt medicine at the Imperial Medical University in Julium, which is ranked as one of the best medical schools in the southern hemisphere. It is here that he met his future wife Elaena Vergara (pictured on the right), who was the 6th and final child of Queen Nina II of Arveyres. The Hereditary Princess and her husband are 7th in line to succession of the Arveyran throne. Their acquaintance however was never given the opportunity to develop as Garagen returned to Milton to pursue a different career path. Fortunately, Elaena went on to work as the Arveyran Embassador in New-Zealand, and the embassy happened to be in Grand Haven.

Garagen, as mentioned earlier, was working as a Police Medic (primarily) and Forensic Analyst for the Counties Mayview (A subsect of the Grand Haven urban area) Division of the New-Zealand Police Force. They once again ran into each other when Garagen was called out to the Arveyran Embassy in early 2012 to be present while the bomb squad attended a suspicious parcel incident at the Embassy. We now know that the parcel was delivered by the same Khanate Terror Cell who carried out the Highway Attacks a mere month later, and had used the parcel as a means of disturbing police patrols and drawing attention away from them breaking into the national archives and stealing the blueprints to numerous tunnels located on the State Highway network. Regardless, following this encounter Naveen and Elaena went on to pursue their relationship and started dating shortly thereafter.

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