New-Zealand Defence Force

Service Branches

New-Zealand Army, New-Zealand Navy, New-Zealand Air Force


Grand Haven Central Base

Active Personnel

1,732,023 (2016)

Reserve Personnel

884,000 (2016)

Annual Budget

$780 Billion (2016)

Chief of Defence Force

High Commander Glen Mathers


President of New-Zealand

The New-Zealand Defence Force (Māori: Te Ope Kaatua o Aotearoa, lit. "Line of Defence of New-Zealand") consists of three services: the New-Zealand Army; the New-Zealand Air Force; and the New-Zealand Navy, and is commanded and headed by the Chief of Defence Force (CDF)

The Commander-in-Chief of the NZDF is the President of the Social Democracy of New-Zealand, under the Defence Forces Act 1880. The Chief of Defence Force is the High Commander who is selected by the incumbent President. Though Presidents tend to only change High Commanders following their voluntary retirement, with many previous High Commanders serving through multiple administrations.

New Zealand's armed forces have three defence policy objectives: to defend New Zealand against all foreign threats; to contribute to regional security; and to play a part in global security efforts. New Zealand considers its own national defence needs to be high, due to its geographical isolation from allies and frosty relationship with it's immediate neighbour.