Free City of Newell
A statue of the Opsoi Khan, built by Khanite people over the ruins of the Newell City


May 1920


1940s (Great War Era)


United Newellian Federation (1920-1937)
Duresian Newellia (1937-1947)


3,000,000 (1930)

The Free City of Newell was a semi-autonomous city in the United Newellian Federation from its establishment in 1920 as the capital of the Federation until its demolition and eventual abandonment during the Great War, officially being abandoned in 1948, with the last of the former citizens being evacuated.

During its short-lived term as the capital of the Federation, the capital experienced much prosperity as being a crossroads of culture exchange between Aloia and Arveyres during the early 1930s, being the site of a major train hub.

During the span of the Great War and Duresian-Eurasian collaborative occupation, the Newell City Massacre occurred which ensued mass crucifixions, ethnic deportations, and mass arrests. Following the end of the Massacre, the city was effectively leveled during bombing campaigns and most of its population was either displaced or exterminated.

During the First Partition of Newellia, the capital city which was formerly in Duresian Newellia, was deemed unfit to host the partition talks, so the city of Tashkent was established and replaced Newell as the city of Newellian administration.

Following the establishment of the Khanate, the native peoples of Newellia seeked to destroy any evidence of the existence of the Free City of Newell during the 1950s, so covered most of the former building ruins in mass amounts of dirt and converted most of the former city into farm land. A Khanite statue, depicting the husband Opsoi Khan of the first Queen Ilqal Khan (Queen Raquel), was erected over a former Newellian religious cemetery, and has received criticism from Alhambrans in modern-times.

Today the city is located in modern-day Alhambra, Arveyres, and exists in small archaeological sites dedicated to the exposition of the former city. It is estimated that only 1/4 of the Free City has been uncovered.

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