Nikki Strand

Political office

President of the Senate,
Senator from Constance's 2nd District

Assumed office

10 January 2007

Preceded by

Francis Peters


Rupinder Nimrata Khan
20 January 1972
Solingen, Constance

Political party

Christian Democrat


Lucas Strand (m. 1996)



Alma mater

University of Solingen


Presbyterian Church of Aloia

Rupinder "Nikki" Khan Strand (born 20 January 1972) is an Aloian politician, currently serving in the Senate of Aloia for Solingen, Constance, and as President of the Senate. Strand was the youngest person ever elected President of the Senate when she was chosen by her peers for that position in 2014, following the retirement of Senator Francis Peters. 

Strand is the daughter of Ajit Khan and Raj Khan, immigrants who left Blukon in 1965 fleeing religious persecution. The family were Presbyterians and so they settled in Solingen, Oberlin, the center of Presbyterianism. Strand was born in 1972. From the beginning, her family called her "Nikki," which meant "little one." Strand, then-Nikki Khan, attended the University of Solingen where she met Lucas Strand, who she married in 1996. She has two children.  

Nikki Strand was elected to represent suburban Solingen in the federal Senate in 2006. In 2014, she also was chosen to be President of the Senate.  

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