OMNI Enforcer
O.M.N.I. Enforcer
Official seal of OMNI

Full Name

Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion Enforcer


"Refugium Libertatis" (The Refuge of Freedom)


The Ring, Shraman, NT

Official Languages

Tarajani Dutch, Ajanic, Antanaresia, Zackalantian, Ashari, Farvian


Security and Economical Union of Royalist States (SECURS)




Council of the Alliance

Alliance Type

Military, political and economic

The OMNI Enforcer (standing for Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion Enforcer), is a leading political-military and economic alliance in Esamir. Originally meant has the military branch of SECURS, it later evolved as a full-fledged independent organization, born out by the merging of the militaries of its Member States, thus being the first successful experiment of such kind in history.

Its founders are New Tarajan and Antanares, although it later expanded to include other SECURS members such as Zackalantis. Sdudeti-Karabak, North Ajania and Ashar joined the alliance as members of the Tarajani Empire. Lately, the Kingdom of Farve also joined OMNI (2010). Duresia and Aloia, two long-standing members, left the alliance in 2016. Eurasia, though never a member of the state, has historically maintained close relations with the organization.

OMNI was created as a response to what was perceived as increasing aggressiveness by the International Confederation of Free States in its attempts to limit the freedom of non-member States in the decades following the Ienaran War. As such, main goal of OMNI is to protect the full independence, sovereignty and strategic interests of its Member States, which, merging their militaries, decided to adopt a common defence policy and to follow a path of strict coordination and cooperation in foreign policy as well.

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