Oblaanselein, Dovahzul for "World's End," war a Eurasian nuclear massive retaliation protocol, similar to War Protocol Dis Pater and the precursor to Dead Hand and Pluto's Wrath. It was initially enacted under Marinus of Eurasia, and was officially ended and declassified by Justinius of Eurasia in 1979. It called for individual nuclear retaliation against a list of preconceived targets, the contents of which has never been released and is believed to have been destroyed. Unlike the automated nature of Pluto's Wrath and semi-automated nature of Dead Hand, Oblaanselein called for each missile officer to launch the missiles on their own authority, and thus it allowed for a significant degree of leeway as to whether missiles would actually be launched in the event of a decapitating strike against Julium.

These concerns, coupled with worries that the list Oblaanselein utilized to determine against whom missiles should be launched was woefully outdated and could result in firing on uninvolved parties, resulted in its elimination by Justinius. It was partially declassified by Justinius several weeks before his abdication in 2009, but his successor Augustus IV has emphatically refused to release any more about the program, such as which nations were on the target list.

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