Old Swedes' Church


Ponderosa, Patagonia




Church of Aloia (1798-1821)
Argentine Evangelical Lutheran Church (1821-2012)
Church of Aloia (2012-present)




San Francisco

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, also known as Old Swedes' Church, is a Lutheran church in Ponderosa, Patagonia, established in 1798 by Aloian settlers from Svea. The mission church in Ponderosa held services Spanish and English, the two languages of the colonization effort, so the Swedish-speaking settlers built their own church.

The church was a member of the Church of Aloia until the Argentine Republic's independence in 1821, when it then joined the newly-established Argentine Evangelical Lutheran Church. In 2012, Patagonia rejoined the Kingdom of Aloia and the congregation of Old Swedes', along with most other Lutheran churches in Patagonia, voted to leave the AELC and join the Church of Aloia. Other than the missions, Old Swedes' is the oldest remaining church building in Patagonia.

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