An FEV subject immediately after expiration. Results such as this were common in FEV experimentation.

Operation Mariposa (Eurasian: Operatio Mariposa; Lyrian: Betreib Mariposa), also known as the Forced Evolutionary Program (Eurasian: Programma Coactiva Evolutiva; Lyrian: Erzwungenen evolutionären Programm) was a series of genetic and biological experiments conducted by the Empire of Eurasia and Duresia during the Great War and after. The experiments were designed to engineer a series of superhuman soldiers and test biological and chemical weaponry. The operation is thought to have been active from 1942 to around 1966, with a brief sabbatical period following the abdication of Laurentius III due to the military and political reshuffling that commenced with Marinus ascension.

The program is widely considered one of the most horrific ever conducted by any nations, and the results are still highly classified by both Eurasia and Duresia, with what is known only being known thanks to whistleblowing efforts by third-party hackers and informants. The program is believed to have operated under the guise of a work-visa program in Zackalantis and Newellia, which by that period had transformed into the Khanate. The program enticed poor Zack of Khan peasants to sign up for work programs in Eurasia and Duresia, whereupon they were promptly kidnapped and shipped to bases located far in the northern arctic, in Tergeste, where the experiments were conducted.

The experiments included the use of the Forced Evolutionary Virus, which was meant to induce rapid mutation in human subjects to increase muscle mass, bone density, and suggestibility. Many of these experiments failed outright, whilst others resulted in horrific mutations and deaths. Experiments were also conducted on the capability of humans to survive in vacuum and in space, and many attempts were made to launch the first man into orbit, until Duresia finally succeeded in secret in 1960 and then publicly in 1961.

FEV Trials

The most renowned segment of Operation Mariposa was the FEV Trials, which were a series of experiments, divided into thtee phases and ending in the disastrous Catacomb 87 Incident, in which kidnapped Zack and Khan citizens were subject to exposure to the virulent Forced Evolutionary Virus (Eurasian: Virum Coactivum Evolutivum; Lyrian: Erzwungenen evolutionären Virus). The intention of the projects was to create an expendable and controllable breed of supersoldiers that could be utilized in protracted warfare against enemies of Eurasia and Duresia. The experiments all ended in failure.

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Catacomb 87 Incident

The Catacomb 87 Incident was an incident which took place as part of Operation Mariposa, which resulted in the deaths of numerous Eurasian and Duresian military personnel and the end of the FEV trials. The incident occurred in the isolated Catacomb 87, which was one of a series of military installations designed to be part of Operation Mariposa and was designed to hold the FEV testing facilities of Phase III. The incident occurred when one of the FEV subjects, called TS-44, was accidentally freed following a power distribution accident, and caused a massive disruption of the FEV distribution systems, contaminating a large portion of the FEV testing facilities and causing many of the science staff and uninoculated test subjects to undergo rapid mutation. They quickly freed captive mutants, and soon there was a full-scale mutant revolt ongoing.

The Eurasian and Duresian militaries temporarily managed to seal the contaminated sections and purge the air filtration systems of the FEV, but the mutants forced their way through the sealed sections and quickly overran the majority of the facility, forcing the military cordon into retreat where they sealed the facility. Following the facility's sealing, several military teams re-entered the facility to retrieve remaining information, and finally to purge the remaining FEV reserves, before the facility was again resealed and a perimeter set up around the facility, before it was ostensibly destroyed in a hastily arranged nuclear test in 1967.

The facility itself is said to be destroyed, which is maintained officially by the Eurasian and Duresian Governments. However, the Eurasian military did maintain and still currently maintains a strictly enforced militarized perimeter, and no reporters nor researchers are ever allowed in. Unauthorized entry into the area is considered an act of High Treason in Eurasia and, peculiarly, in Duresia as well.

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