Otto von Halle

Political office

46th Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1873 - 10 January 1889

Preceded by

E. G. McKenna

Succeeded by

Johannes von Pfeil


Otto Leopold
1 April 1920
Halle, Saxony, Minnesota


30 July 1891
Halle, Saxony, Aloia

Political party

Christian Democratic Party of Aloia

Spouse and family

Countess Selena of Malmo
7 children

Alma mater

Wellington College
University of Halle-Wittenburg


Church of Aloia

Otto Leopold, Prince of Halle, Duke of Saxony (1 April 1920 - 30 July 1891) was an Aloian nobleman and politician who served as Chancellor of Aloia from 1872 to 1888. Halle was a Christian Democrat.

Halle was born in Halle, son of Prince Leopold of Halle, a brother of King Gustaf XII Hjalmar. This made him a first cousin of both Queen Victoria Augusta of Aloia and Chancellor Johannes von Pfeil. Halle was educated at Wellington College and the University of Halle-Wittenburg and joined the military afterward. He served in the military for many years, becoming the Aloian Army's First General. In 1872, he was elected Chancellor of Aloia and served for four terms, 16 years.

He appointed his first cousin Johannes von Pfeil as his Minister of State as part of his first re-election campaign. That partnership, along with their relationship with their cousin Queen Victoria Augusta have been credited with all of Aloia's successes in the last quarter of the 19th century and establishing a foreign policy that would protect Aloia's interests in the turbulent 20th century.

Upon his retirement, Queen Victoria Augusta gave him the title of Duke of Saxony, however that title was returned to the monarch when Halle died. Halle did, however, pass his title of Prince of Halle on to his first son and the title of Count of Halle on to his other son. Halle died in 1891 and was buried in the cemetery at Heiligenberg Palace.