Flag of Pampas




San Andreas


Gilbert Macquarie (Conservative)

The Commonwealth of Pampas is a state in the Kingdom of Aloia and former province of the Argentine Republic. Following the 2013 dissolution of the Republic, Pampas joined the Free States of Argentine for 3 years, before leaving alongside Tahoe to join the Kingdom of Aloia in 2016.

The state's history is largely tied to their mineral resources in their eastern mountain range and agricultural prowess on the coastal plains. The state's name is derived from a word meaning plains. The largest city is Mariposa. The capital of Pampas is San Andreas, which grew out of a mission established by the Church of Aloia in the late 18th century. The fact that only 2 missions were established in Pampas makes the region unique in Argentine because missions dominated the early history and politics of almost every other region of Argentine.

The current Governor of Pampas is Gilbert Macquarie.

Redwood National Park covers a substantial portion of northern Pampas.

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