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Nicole Weatherford (Christian Democrat)

The Commonwealth of Patagonia is a state of Aloia and a former region of the Argentine Republic. Patagonia voted to disaffiliate from Argentine in 2011 and joined the Kingdom of Aloia in 2012. The capital of Patagonia is San Francisco


Colonial mission period

The history of Patagonia and much of the rest of the Argentine Republic is closely tied to the 21 religious missions established by priests sent by the Church of Aloia. The missions were a major effort by the Kingdom of Aloia to extend colonization into the western coast of Diamanto. The missionaries introduced eastern fruits, vegetables, cattle, horses, ranching and technology into the region that became the Argentine Republic; however, the missions also brought serious negative consequences to the native populations with whom the missionaries and other easterners came in contact. 

Argentine achieved independence in 1821, taking Patagonia along with it, but the missions maintained authority over native neophytes and control of vast land holdings until the 1830s. The Argentine government secularized the missions after the passage of the Argentine Secularization Act of 1833. This divided the mission lands into land grants, which became many of the Ranchos of Patagonia. In the end, the missions had mixed results in their objectives: to convert, educate, and "civilize" the indigenous population and transform the natives into Aloian colonial citizens. Today, the surviving mission buildings are the state's oldest structures, and the most-visited historic monuments.

Independence period

Patagonia voted to leave the Argentine Republic in 2011 and joined the Kingdom of Aloia in 2012. 

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