The Seal of the House of Eurasius, adopted in 1543.

The Patrician Houses of Eurasia (Eurasian: Patricii) are an ancient group of families in Eurasia. Including the House of Eurasius, they can all trace their lineages back to the founding of the Laurentine Republic, and many have married into the Eurasii in one way or another. Worthy of note is that no patrician house has any right to rule an area by law, and instead are merely recognized by the Government of Eurasia as being wealthy, powerful entities. The House of Eurasius is the only patrician house who, by law, maintains any legally established power.

Members of the patrician class hold large amounts of power within Eurasia, often occupying prestigious and powerful positions in the Senate of Eurasia and in the Ministeria of Eurasia, as well as in the Military and Provinces. However, it is worthy of note that many plebeian houses are just as if not more powerful than many patrician families, and that the designation of patrician only indicates an ancient lineage.

House of Eurasius


The Imperial family, including then-Emperor Justinius of Eurasia.

The House of Eurasius is one of the oldest patrician families, tracing its lineage back to one of the original founding members of the Laurentine Senate. It is the ruling family of the Empire of Eurasia, which draws its name from the House itself, and has been the only house to ever possess the Eurasian throne in its 2,000 year existence. Despite numerous internecine conflicts, including the disastrous War of the Red Diamond and the Interregnum, which though involving the assassination of Emperors and the usurpation of the throne never caused the fall of the House, instead merely causing it to change hands amongst descendants.

The House has maintained its prestigious position both through careful intermarriage with the other patrician houses, as well as by carefully eliminating houses whom they believe pose a great threat to their continued dominance.

Patrician Houses

The following are a list of patrician houses.

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