Paulus Septimus Agrippa
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Political office

Praetor of Civitius

Assumed office

10 January 2010

Preceded by

Crescius Martius Nunius


Paulus Septimus Agrippa
9 September 1961
Civitius, Eurasia

Political party



Martinia Agrippa (m. 1994)



Alma mater

University of Julium


Novem Deos

Paulus Septimus Agrippa, born 9 September 1961, is the current Praetor of Civitius. Prior to being appointed Praetor by the Senate of Eurasia in 2010, he served as a Senator for Civitius. Before beginning his public career he served as a lawyer, and also served in the Eurasian Fleets as a ship centurion. He is married to Martinia Agrippa, and has two children, Titus and Patricius. Agrippa is a Deosian, and is one of six Praetors incumbent to be an adherent to that faith.

Agrippa's tenure as Praetor has been marked with widespread land reformation and economic expansion. In his first year in office, Agrippa did away with the antiquated means by which land taxes were levied in the Province, instead instituting his own system which ultimately lowered taxes on the inhabitants. Agrippa's party, the Optimates, is traditionally more conservative than the Populares, and Agrippa's style of governance reflects this. His tenure as Praetor will officially end in 2020.

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