Peter Cassidy

Political office

52nd Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1933 - 10 January 1937

Preceded by

George Sutherland

Succeeded by

Benjamin Hart


Ward Peter Cassidy
23 December 1883
Endor, Iceland


15 November 1953
Onalaska, Iceland

Political party

Federalist Party

Spouse and family

Margaret Gray
9 children

Alma mater

Milwaukee State University


Church of Aloia

Peter Cassidy was an Aloian politician who served as Chancellor of Aloia from 10 January 1933 to 10 January 1937. Cassidy was a member of the Federalist Party. His Vice Chancellor was Carl Warner.

Cassidy was born in Endor, Iceland. Cassidy attended Milwaukee State University. Cassidy was a lawyer in Milwaukee, later being selected as Chancellor George Sutherland's Minister of Agriculture and the Environment. Cassidy ran against Sutherland in the 1928 election as a Federalist. Cassidy was beaten in that election but ran again in 1932. Sutherland retired and Cassidy won the election. His ineptitude for international diplomacy severely hindered Aloia's diplomatic efforts to prevent the Great War. In 1936, the Great War broke out and Cassidy was defeated in the 1936 election by Conservative Benjamin Hart.

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