Two Legio XXV Rachetana Rapax officers inspecting a Pluto's Wrath silo.

The Pluto's Wrath (Eurasian: Ira Plutonis; Arveyran: Colera dispatriana), known officially as Periphery System (Eurasian: Systema Peripheriae; Arveyran: Sistema periferal) is a nuclear retaliatory automated system in Eurasia. It is designed to launch all Eurasian nuclear weapons in the event of a decapitating first strike against Julium or the Empire. It is an integral part of the War Protocol Dis Pater.

The system itself is complex, but is semi-autonomous and has been referred to, rightly so, as a "doomsday machine." It is designed to lay semi-dormant, active but with no authority, until switched on in a time of crisis, or at imperial discretion. It will then monitor the situation in the Empire, and answer to itself four if/then questions. If activated, it would first determine if a nuclear attack had hit Eurasian soil. This would be done by monitoring atmospheric and seismic conditions. If an attack had occurred, it then would check to see if any communications with the Imperial War Cabinet remained. If they did, and if thirty minutes passed without indication of further attack, the system would assume that there remained some authority who could order counterattack and would self terminate. However, if no communication could be established, it would delegate launch authority to whomever manned the controls deep in a protected bunker somewhere in the Empire.

This individual, likely a high ranking legionary officer, would then be given control to launch a series of small, extremely fast command rockets, which would fly above all launch facilities in the Empire and order the immediate deployment of all ICBMs and remaining nuclear weapons. The system is carefully designed so as to ensure that the individual to whom the duty falls to launch the command rockets does not believe that they are actually launching the nuclear weapons. Instead, they are merely another cog in the machine. This was done to prevent trepidation or moral reservations from standing in the way of the operation of the Pluto's Wrath system. It may even be the case that the operator of the bunker does not even know that the rockets they launch would launch all nuclear weapons in the Empire, and may think them to be merely surveillance machinery.

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