Robert Stephanopoulos

The Commonwealth of Pontus is a state of Aloia. The capital of Pontus is Sinope and its largest cities are Constantinopolis and Trapezous. 

Pontus is the only remainder of the widespread and powerful Greek society that once dominated the Aloian peninulas. After a series of rebellions, the Greeks were almost entirely eliminated by the Eurasian Empire. The Pontic Greeks only survived with their society intact because the Bohemian Alps separated them from the rest of the Greeks. After the extermination and dispersal of the Greeks, Germanic tribes were brought in, giving rise to modern Aloia. The Pontic Greeks stirred up a little more trouble in the southwest, prompting the Eurasians to bring in Slavic colonizing tribes, leading to the Kingdom of Bohemia.

Pontus and Bohemia's rivalry spanned hundreds of years, eventually leading the Greeks to align themselves with the Baltic League, a Germanic rising regional power opposed to the Slavic Bohemians. The cities of Pontus became associated members of the League but pulled out shortly before the Uppsala Synod came into effect. Pontus and Aloia maintained a close alliance, with Pontus eventually applying for statehood in 1893.

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