Potema Eurasia
One of the few surviving busts of Potema.


January 6th, 1280 CE


October 31st, 1340


Mos Maorism

Potema Septima Eurasia was the Archduke of Falcrine and usurper of the Eurasian Throne, dying in 1340 after starting the War of the Red Diamond and the Interregnum. She is widely considered one of the most infamous women in Eurasian history, and following her death the Emperor Cephorus I of Eurasia issued a damnatio memoriae against her, eradicating all records of her that officially existed.

Potema continues to exist in both the Mos Maiorum faith and Novem Deos, within both of which she was declared demonic and in league with Pluto and the Daedra, respectively. The anniversary of her death is remembered as Vesperalia on October 31st, roughly equivalent to Halloween in Germanic countries. During this time, effigies of her are burned in most town and village squares across the Eurasian Empire, along with candy being given out by civic authorities and some citizens.

The circumstances of her death are dubious at best, with most historians believing she took her own life rather than be executed by Cephorus, who likely would have had her humiliated in the Colosseum in Julium before crucifying her. After her death, what became of her body is unknown, but it is believed Cephorus has the Praetorian Guard toss her body into a canal outside Arbor Felix or into the sea.

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