Praetorian Guard
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"Videre sine videri"
(Seeing without being seen)




Imperial Security

Total strength



Ad fortuam




~100 BCE

The Praetorian Guard (Eurasian: Praetoriani) is a branch of the Military of Eurasia, tasked with defense of the Imperial family, the Emperor, and residences of the Imperial family. The Praetorian Guard is perhaps the most elite and highly trained organization of all Eurasian martial forces, and Praetorian Guards are considered to be the best trained soldiers in Eurasia. The organization itself is as old as the position of Emperor, and is traditionally comprised of soldiers of Lyrian or Germanic ethnicity, though now it is comprised of mainly native Eurasians.

The Guard maintains a uniformed and non-uniformed service corps, and each accompany the Emperor at all times. The Guard is authorized, under Eurasian law, to use lethal force whenever necessary, and is renowned for utilizing any means necessary to protect the person of the Emperor. In all circumstances, Praetorian officers can countermand orders issued by officers of other branches who rank equal to or below them.

As all imperial residences are not open for public viewing or entrance, the Guard frequently utilizes force to remove trespassers. Regulations state that the Guard must give two verbal warnings before force can be used. Depending on circumstances, and the degree to which the trespasser has set foot on the premises, the Guard may use lethal force. Generally, the Guard will forcibly eject the individual back onto the street, generally having vigorously applied corporal punishment beforehand.