A group of the inner Praetors with the Emperor and Empress.

The Praetors of Eurasia (Eurasian: Praetores Eurasiae; Dovahzul: Thurresejunaar; Arveyran: Pristoras da Eurasia) are the administrative governors of the Provinces of Eurasia. The Praetors are elected in province-wide elections, and can also be dismissed by Imperial edict. The Senate can also, by virtue of Eurasia existing as a de jure unitary state, appoint a Praetor for the duration of a single term. Praetors are elected every five years.

The powers of the Praetors are limited, and they serve mainly as day-to-day administrators. Praetors cannot make law nor change law, and instead function as enforcers of the laws decided upon by the Senate of Eurasia and the Emperor of Eurasia. In areas which have not been provincialized and instead are territories or colonies, Praetors are often either military governors or "Colonial Praetors", both of which are appointed directly by the Emperor.

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