Prefect of Julium
Praefectus Iulii
The current Prefect, Virginia Raetina


Virginia Raetina


No official style


People of Julium

Term Length

No term limits imposed; eligible for reelection every five years

Establishing Document

Laurentine Constitution


607 CE

First Holder

Tiberius Septimius Aurelius

The Prefect of Julium (Eurasian: Praefectus Iulii) is the elected magistrate of the city of Julium, the capital of Eurasia. One of the oldest elected positions in Eurasia and certainly in the world, the Prefect functions as many other cities mayors do, and is the equivalent to the praetor of the Capitoline Prefecture, which is too small to be considered a true province but too large to be merely a municipality. The Prefect of Julium is the only Prefect in all of Eurasia to answer directly to the Emperor of Eurasia, and in that capacity is allows Julium to often hold great sway in imperial politics.

The Prefect is elected by popular vote every five years, and there is no term limit to speak of, though no Prefect has ever served more than thirty-five years. The current prefect, Virginia Raetina, is the first woman to ever hold the position, and is in her first term.

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