Presbyterian Church of Aloia







Separated from

Church of Aloia


Presbyterian Church of the Kingdom of Aloia



The Presbyterian Church of Aloia or PCA is a mainline Protestant Christian denomination in the Kingdom of Aloia. The PCA is the largest non-Lutheran Protestant denomination in Aloia with 2.3 million members. Prominent members include current Vice Chancellor Sebastian Gill and former Chancellor George Sutherland

The PCA started in 1560, when a group of dissenters split from the Church of Aloia, which was well on its way toward becoming Lutheran. By leaving, these dissenters all but guaranteed that the Aloian state church would become Lutheran because they were the only major dissenting group. 

Theologically, the PCA is Reformed (in the Calvinist tradition) and is a member of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches. Its longstanding decision to respect "liberty of opinion on matters not affecting the substance of the faith" means it is relatively tolerant of a variety of theological positions, including those who would term themselves conservative and liberal in their doctrine, ethics, and interpretation of Scripture.

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