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A painting of the Declaration being signed in Bravil.

The Joint Declaration of the Transfer of Presccia and Maracaibo (Arveyran: Declarationa comuna dalla Transfera da Precia-i-Maracahiba; Montesi: Ел Декларасо Кунинаъо дело Транчитат Прещя'ну и Макараибо'ну), informally called the Presccia Declaration (Arveyran: Declarationa da Precia; Montesi: Декларасо Прещя'но), was a 1796 treaty signed in Bravil, Marquette by the governments of Arveyres and Marquette which orchestrated the territorial exchange between Presccia and Maracaibo. In the Joint Declaration, Arveyres and Marquette decided to recognize each other's sovereignty of their newly-acquired city-states. Not much is known about the Joint Declaration as a copy of it has not been available to the public as it has been shrouded in the mutual secrecy of the Arveyran and Marquetien governments. Since 1796, the city-state of Presccia has gained independence from Marquette and is now the Free Land of Presccia.

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