Priscus Traianus Lector

Political office

Praetor of Labellum

Assumed office

10 January 2014

Preceded by

Crescius Nullius Verborius


Priscus Traianus Lector
5 October, 1967
Labellum, Eurasia

Political party






Alma mater

University of the Asticus


Mos Maiorum

Priscus Traianus Lector, born 5 October, 1967, is the current Praetor of Labellum. He was elected to the position in 2014. Prior to this, he served as a university professor at the University of Julium, and also served as a Senator. He is divorced, having left his previous wife, Philipa Gastrala, in 2006. He has two children from his previous marriage, Patricius and Tacita.

Lector's actions as Praetor have including pursuing better relations with Arveyres, with whom Labellum has had at times strenuous relations due to a dispute over several outlying island territories. Furthermore, he has instituted a number of civil infrastructure projects, which include the development of several new underground metro lines as well as creating new lines to adjoin with neighboring provinces.

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