Province of Argentomagus
Provincia Argentomagia



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Laurentine Isle


Martius Alexius Decimus



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The Province of Argentomagus (Eurasian: Provincia Argentomagia) is a province of the Eurasian Empire. It is considered to be one of the more industrialized provinces. Its capital is Ligerum.

Argentomagus is the largest producer of timber in the Eurasian Empire. It is also the site of many ancient fortifications, some still functional and some abandoned centuries ago. It also is home to many factories, and produces the largest amount of non-exported goods per capita than any other province.

The motto of Argentomagus is "Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas,", meaning "Happy is one who is able to know the causes of things."

Argentomagus is also home to the Conservatory of the Nine, a center for learning in Novem Deos that trains future priests and scholars.

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