Province of Audrinia
Provincia Audriana



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Mediolanian Peninsula


Gaius Trebatius Testa



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The Province of Audrinia (Eurasian: Provincia Audriana) is a Province of Eurasia located on the Mediolanian Peninsula. Its capital is Magnus Portus.

Audrinia was originally inhabited by the peoples of the Imbrispi Confederation, who fought against Eurasia in the War of the Numantine. Following their defeat in 738, their lands were taken by Eurasia and settled with ethnic Eurasians, though many native Germanic Imbrispi remained. The only remaining vestige of their culture can be found in the dialect of Eurasian spoken in the province itself, which maintains some pronunciations inherited from the now-extinct Germanic language.

Audrinia is a woody, forested province, with deep woodlands stretching for miles. Many small cities and villages dot the landscape, and the hilly and densely wooded nature of the province attracts many tourists and nature-seekers year round. Audrinia receives annual snowfall due to its proximity to the Lyrian north. The province, despite its rural nature, also maintains many large and highly urbanized cities, including its capital.

Due to the ancient Germanic heritage the now-Raetic province inherited, there are many old Germanic ruins which dot the landscape. Exploring these tombs, fortifications, and shrines is a popular pastime amongst residents, though it is discouraged by the Government for safety regions. Many local legends, such as that of Rannveig's Fast, warn against exploring the barrows.

The motto of Audrinia is "Hic amor, haec patria est,' which translates as "There lies my love, there lies my homeland now."

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