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The Province of Ausona (Eurasian: Provincia Ausona) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. Ausona is an island province, located in the southwest of Norda and south of Tectonix. Its capital is Metis.

Ausona was originally founded as a trading colony for Eurasian merchant ships to resupply en route to Antanares and New Tarajan. The colony grew from its coastal capital to engulf the whole island, and was officially brought into the Senate as a province in 1659. The island upon which the province was built was originally inhabited by Celts, and today Ausonan is a surviving minority language, though Eurasian is still the official language and the only one with legal standing.

The motto of Ausona is "Nunc scio quid sit Amor," or "Now I know what Love is," referring to the Maiorist goddess Venus, an homage to the belief that Eurasian sailors were lead to safe haven in Ausona by an Augur of Venus who was aboard one of the ships.

Today, Ausona is home to some of the largest naval ports outside of the Laurentine Isle, and is still a mercantile and trading hub. The pre-Eurasian Celtic population has been nearly assimilated into Eurasia, though some remote villages remain.

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