Province of Beneventum
Provincia Beneventae



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Laurentine Isle


Lucius Ambivius Turpio



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The Province of Beneventum (Eurasian: Provincia Beneventa) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. Its capital is Carnuntum. It was historically known as Abellinum, a convention reflected on its flag.

Beneventum is one of the most-visited provinces in Eurasia, second only to Civitius in terms of tourism revenue. It also maintains a large fishing industry, as well as a large shipping industry. The capital, Carnuntum, is one of the largest ports in Eurasia.

The motto of Beneventum is "Exegimus monumentum aere perennius," Eurasian for "We have erected a monument more lasting than bronze", referring to Beneventum being one of the oldest provinces in Eurasia.

Beneventum's geography includes calm beaches along the coastline, and forests to the south and east. Beneventum is also home to several Eurasian Navy bases and shipbuilding dry docks, unsurprising given its large coastline.

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