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The Province of Brixellum (Eurasian: Provincia Brixella) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. Brixellum is located in the far north of Esamir, and is one of the furthest northerly land masses in Norda. Its capital is Lentia, and it is comprised of a large island, Brixellum Superior, and a smaller one, Brixellum Inferior.

Brixellum is largely a military province, made up mostly of military bases and research facilities, though there are some civilian populations. The largest city is the capital, Lentia. The province has only been a part of the Empire since 1901, when it was seized from Ivania as part of an indemnity imposed upon the latter following the Eurasio-Ivanian War. It is home to several large Misriah Armories factories as well as Traxus Heavy Industries.

Brixellum does maintain representation in the Senate of Eurasia insofar as its civilian population is concerned, though it has a small Senate delegation. Brixellum was originally populated by native Slavs, but this population was entirely eliminated during the Omnestacita, and today only ethnic Eurasian remain on the island.

The motto of Brixellum is "O ubi campi!," which translates as "Oh, where are those fields?" The motto was originally part of a Brixellan Slavic folk song which was adopted prior to Omnestacita, in reference to the perpetual snowiness of the Arctic tundra in the province.

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