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Provincia Bruttia



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The Province of Bruttium (Eurasian: Provincia Bruttia) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is located in Ekstera, and borders New Zealand. Its capital is also its largest city, Condate Redones.

Bruttium, like most of the Asticus Peninsula, was originally populated by the Asticii, an ancient Celtic people who were conquered by the Laurentine Republic in the centuries before the foundation of modern Eurasia. Though the people of Bruttium were the last to be conquered, they have since been thoroughly Raeticized. Their language, however, survives in certain "provincialisms", as well as in the Asticusian dialects.

Bruttium, as the closest province to New Zealand, also has a large number of New Zealander citizens, and a such the customs of these immigrants and those of the native Eurasians are often at odds.

The motto of Bruttium is "Sed fugit interea, fugit irreparabile tempus,", or "But time meanwhile is flying, flying beyond recall."

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