Province of Calleva Atrebatum
Provincia Calleva Atrebata



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The Province of Calleva Atrebatum (Eurasian: Provincia Calleva Atrebata) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is located immediately north of the Laurentine Isle and is comprised of three main islands and numerous smaller ones. Its capital is Narbo.

Calleva Atrebatum is composed of three major islands, Montana, Hosca, and Padus. The province itself was captured by Eurasia in the early 300's CE, following the Wars of the Brigandines, which finally eliminated the pirates which were based in the islands from the Serdician Sea. Today, the province is a hub of trade and sea commerce, but is also home to many below-ground mines, as the islands were found to contain many rare minerals and gemstones in the mid 1700's.

The province has weather patterns similar to those of the Laurentine Isle. However, on occasion winter storms from the Duresian north will blow down across the sea and blanket the islands with snow. The terrain of the islands is that of long, rolling fields, beaches, and hills along the coastlines but tall mountains in the centers of the islands. The interiors of the islands are dotted with many ancient ruins, fortifications, and redoubts. The island has many old Deosian temples and ruins, some of which are still active but many of which are purported to be either haunted or cursed. Scholars from the Laurentine frequently explore these ruins, which often yield many ancient historical records which shed light on the origins of Novem Deos and Mos Maiorum. In fact, the islands themselves are purported to be perhaps one of the earliest locations inhabited by Raetic peoples.

The motto of Calleva Atrebatum is "Semper honos nomenque tuum laudesque manebunt,", which translates as "Your honor, your name, your praise will live forever."

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