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Castra Albana (Eurasian: Provincia Castra Albana) is a province of the Eurasian Empire. It is a small island in northeastern Norda, located to the south of Aloia.

Castra Albana was originally a prison island operated by the Eurasian territorial government over Aloia during the Eurasian occupation some 1500 years ago. After the end of the Eurasian occupation, it was transferred officially to Eurasian control following the Treaty of Milan. Today, the island is largely a fishing and vacation hub, with many wealthy Eurasians choosing it as a vacation destination during the cooler months in the Laurentine Isle and the rest of the equatorially southern provinces.

The province itself is largely sustained by its vacation and tourism industry, and during the winter months receives heavy snowfall from Aloia. It is infamous for being blanketed with large amounts of snow due to the storms which form over the Baltic Sea. During this time it is largely uninhabited, with only the hardiest residents choosing to remain during the brutal winter season.

The motto of Castra Albana is "Data fata secutus," which translates as "Following what is decreed by fate."

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