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The Province of Civitius (Eurasian: Provincia Civitia) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is one of the oldest inhabited provinces. Its capital is in Arbor Felix.

Civitius is home to many historic sites, and is the largest producer of grapes in Eurasia. It also maintains the largest amount of vineyards, and is home to many religious sites, including the Temple of the One. Civitius is historically a largely rural province, with the majority of peoples concentrated in the cities near the coasts. It possesses the largest ammount of vineyards per acre than any other province in the Empire. Historically, the province has been largely safe from wars that take place on the Laurentine Isle, due mainly to the large Lycus River preventing access to the province save for at key bridges.

The provincial motto of Civitius is "Iuppiter nobis haec otia fecit," a Eurasian phrase meaning "Jupiter has given us this tranquility," referring to the widely regarded belief that Civitius is the most beautiful of all provinces, and that Civitius has not seen a major war within its borders since the 900's CE.

The borders of Civitius were established with the formation of the current provincial system in the 1300's.

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