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The Province of Cortoriacum (Eurasian: Provincia Cortoriacas; Dovahzul: Krahjunaar) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. An island archipelago located immediately southeast of the Laurentine Isle, it is home to the largest population of ethnic Lyrians in the Empire. The people of Cortoriacum, known as Cortoriacii in Eurasian but as Dova in their own tongue, maintain a Germanic culture apart from Eurasian Urbance culture, and as such maintain a distinctly different form of internal governance from the traditional provincial system.

The Province's history traces its lineage back to the first Emperors of Eurasia. Historically, the Emperor's Praetorian Guard was made up of Lyrians who swore fealty to the Imperial throne, under the belief that Duresian soldiers were physically stronger and more intimidating (which was partially true, as Lyrians are generally taller and more muscular than Eurasians). As these soldiers grew old and retired, the Emperors gifted them with plots of land to farm in recognition of their service to the Empire. The chosen area for these gifts was Cortoriacum, which as a result became the only area of the Empire where the majority are not ethnically Eurasian (excluding Arveyres) and where Eurasian is not the primary spoken language.

The government of the province is divided into holds, which have their leadership vested in Jarls, who rule their counties from the county seat, which is typically the largest city in the region. The Jarls swear fealty to the High King of Cortoriacum, who is elected by the counts from among themselves in the Moot, and serves for life. The High King is similar in position to the Monarch of Arveyres and swears fealty to the Emperor and functions as other elected provincial Praetors. The counties are highly independent, and generally function as provinces function to the Empire as a whole.

The motto of Cortoriacum is "Zeim sildro vokun los kun do hind unslaad," which translates as "Beyond darkness' heart there is the light of hope eternal." The motto of Cortoriacum is unique in that it is the only provincial motto not written in Eurasian, but instead in the native language, Dovahzul.

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