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The Province of Egnatia (Eurasian: Provincia Egnatia) is a province in the Eurasian Empire. It is located in the far east of Norda, and is the most eastern continental Eurasian province, though the most eastern overall is Ausona.

Egnatia was originally home to a desert-dwelling culture similar to those of Texania, Blukon, and those as far east as Cordoba. It was provincialized by Senate decree in 1403, and prior to that was a Eurasian military outpost and trading port. Its interior was also home to many gold mines and oil deposits, which continue to serve the province today. Though the province was originally home to a desert culture, they were gradually forced deeper into the desert by Eurasian expansion, until today very few remain in the province itself, though some nomadic camps do remain.

The province is one of the largest producers of petroleum and natural gas in the Empire, and due to the province's relatively small population its industry is almost entirely limited to the production of fossil fuels. However, in recent years the government of Egnatia has taken steps to revitalize the Province's image, and has built several resort towns along the coast.

The motto of Egnatia is "Audacibus annue coeptis," which translates as "Look with favor upon a bold beginning."

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